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Short introduction to our international visitors

Because of we are no native english speakers, if you have any suggestions to our english introduction, do not hesitate to contact us, to improve our text. Please mail to

The BRK Bereitschaft Stein is a strictly volunteer organization as a part of the world wide red cross organization. We are part of german red cross, in Bavaria called "Bayerisches Rotes Kreuz". We are founded in the year 1900, so we have now over 100 year present history.

In our organization we are approximately 70 people, some have more activity, some have less. Our base targets agree with the fundementals of the world wide red cross. Our main fields of activity are medical service on certain events and the regulaer rescue service in our area. The rescue service in Bavaria is a mix of volunteer and profesional work. Volunteers are mainly on weekends and during the night in effort. To fill up the leck between regular emergancy and big desasters we serve a medical task force named "Schnelleinsatzgruppe". Of course on big desasters, we try to help the concerned people, not only in medical questions, although with supervision and food.

We try to fund up our work, with donations and other methods of getting money, like to lend our tents. Of course, this is all the time very difficult, but till now we have always found a way.

Thank you for your visit!


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